Karissa Walsworth
Graphic Designer

Karissa discovered a love for art as a child, and found her inspiration in renowned local artist Bill Joyce, and her high school art teacher. After studying graphic design at LSUS, Karissa started her own Etsy shop and joined the Richard Creative team in early 2017, and she has been awarded two Silver Addy Awards for her design work.
In addition to designing ads, magazine layouts, and other print and digital projects, Karissa also handles the bulk of our project management, keeping our projects organized and moving forward.

  • Things Karissa┬áis good at:

    • Typography and digital painting
    • Designing custom invitations
    • Gardening and renovating the home she shares with her husband and Blue Heeler
  • Things Karissa┬áis not good at:

    • Being a morning person
    • Functioning without food for more than 3 hours
    • Making small talk
    • Putting away laundry