We mostly put together this webpage in order to document everything for ourselves. So we're including a short summary for each day, but then you can click on any of the thumbnails to expand and view every obnoxious photo, video, or detail for each day. All of these extras will take a minute to load, so you may want to view everything while you're close to some good wifi. Hopefully those who want can scan through quickly, and those who enjoy more detail can spend as much time as they'd like viewing everything.

Tuesday, July 12

Travel Day!
We left Shreveport around 8:30 AM, went through Starbucks for breakfast and got on I-20. Stopped at Buccee’s in Terrell for snacks and restroom. Drove to DFW, made a wrong turn, then found our way. We pre-paid for covered parking but, when we arrived, they said the lot was full and directed us to a lot on the other side of the airport. Oh well. Made it through security pretty quickly and sat and waited and charged our devices. Our flight left at 3:40 PM and landed in Paris around 8:00 AM (1:00 AM our time). Nobody slept much, if at all.

Wednesday, July 13


We landed in Paris some time around 8:00 in the morning. We made our way through the airport, through the passport checks, and onto a train to the city. Fatigue was catching up to us and it was a rough trip. We finally had to abandon our hot crowded train and find something to drink. We found a McDonald's and got hydrated, then caught an Uber to Gare d'Austerlitz, where we would catch the train to Amboise. Paris traffic, with mopeds zipping between cars, is an adventure in itself. We hopped on a train and most of the family got a little nap in. We arrived in Amboise, walked across town, and found our house for the next three days. Kim, a New Yorker who has been living in France for 30 years, showed us around the place, and recommended some spots around town. From there we made a grocery run, cooked some dinner at home, and enjoyed the bottle of champagne that the Airbnb left for us.

Thursday, July 14


After a night of rest, we walked to Café Bigot for a late breakfast, coffee, fresh OJ, pain au chocolat, an omelet, quiche etc. It was delicious!

After we ate, we took a tour of Château Royal d'Amboise, the town castle which was right by our house.

We ate dinner at a pizzeria with a patio on Rue Nationale. That evening, we watched the Bastille Day fireworks from a tiny balcony at our house.

Friday, July 15

Friday we toured Château du Clos Lucé, the chateau where Leonardo da Vinci spent the last three years of his life (1516-1519).

Saturday, July 16


We took our train from Amboise to Paris and took the metro to our house in Paris. We were shown around and the place was kind of a dump with ratty old furniture. We decided to make do until we tried to run a bath and the cold water in the tub didn't work and it was dirty and had a big spider in it. We cleaned out the tub, but then found that the drain kept adding dirt to the tub. With a growing list of issues, that was it. We got on the phone with Airbnb and made plans to get out. We did enjoy a nice little restaurant around the corner that ended our meal with some lemon liqueur aperitif. We also went to the grocery store and couldn't find the milk until somebody pointed out an elevator that went underground where there was another floor of groceries. We had no idea!

Sunday, July 17


Sunday we took all of our luggage, grabbed an Uber van, and moved to a hotel in the north part of the city. When we got there the streets were packed with this crowded outdoor flea market. It was not very inviting at all. We dropped our bags off and headed to Ile de la Cite. We bought some coffee and used the restroom in this cafe with a restroom that was just dug out of the wall past the kitchen. We bought some souvenirs and caught a small glimpse of Notre Dame. We ate dinner at the restaurant bar. It was on the 8th floor with an outdoor section with a beautiful view of Paris. The bar food was good. They were playing techno music that didn't really have any lyrics. Then, at some point, a deep voice in the song says "turn around baby and let me see your ass shake." It was hilarious for a family dinner. The line has been repeated often since then.