2018 Weekend Planner Pocket Schedule

In Print, Richard Creative by admin

The 15th edition of this handy reference tool will be hitting mailboxes soon.

Even before there was Richard Creative, we were already mailing out our “Weekend Planner Pocket Schedule.”

It all began when James and Danielle were recent graduates and Louisiana transplants living in Dallas. We wanted to maximize the number of weekend trips back home we could pack into a single football season. We needed to combine all three of our favorite football teams’ schedules in one place, grouped by weekend, to find the ideal weekends for travel.

In particular, we were looking for the best weekends to spend Saturday night in Death Valley followed by Sunday afternoon in the Dome. (Check out the first weekend in November this year!)

Fifteen years later, we’re happy to be Louisianians again, but the Weekend Planner is still going strong!

Hooray Football!

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