Branding 101: Part 1 – The Logo

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Whether you are a long-time business owner, launching a new venture, or still in the dreaming stages of owning your own business, it’s crucial to invest time and strategy in your brand.

What’s in a brand? Your brand is a visual representation of who you are as a company. Through your logo, your wording, and your images, your brand presents the face of your business, and it  is often your first impression to potential customers.

A strong brand has a few key elements:

  • A recognizable, memorable logo
  • A clear, concise message
  • Consistency

The Logo

Creating a professional, timeless logo is often the first step in establishing yourself as a bona fide business. The most effective logo will be instantly recognizable. Here are a few tried and true tips to create a logo that tells your story, and sticks with potential clients:

  • Create a strong silhouette

Choose something that looks great in color or in black and white – this will give you flexibility, and give you the chance to save money on future printing projects!

  • Keep it simple

Simple = easy to remember. That’s the main goal!

  • Put. It. Everywhere!

From office stationary and new business cards, to your Facebook profile image and giveaways – make sure your logo is tied to your business at every opportunity

How To Get Started:

There are many ways to create a logo – you can take the DIY approach through websites like, or you can partner with a professional.

Working with a professional designer will take an upfront investment (typically starting at $250+), but it definitely comes with perks!

  • Polished, thoughtful design
  • Professional-grade files, in multiple formats for different applications
  • High resolution and quality, so that your design never looks pixilated or warped

Working with a local designer will also allow you to collaborate on future projects, like applying your logo to marketing material, merchandise, and websites. These tasks will be much easier with a pro on your team!

Need a hand bringing your logo to life? Contact the Richard Creative team! Our experience and know-how are at your disposal, and we would love to partner with you to create a successful, lasting brand.