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Look Great in Print

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  • Can you order printing for me?
    We’d love to! If Richard Creative places your printing order, then we get to maintain control over the quality and end results, and that makes us happy.
  • What kind of items do you print?
    Anything! We have experience ordering a huge range of printed items from business cards, to vehicle wraps, and everything in between. If it is available in print, chances are we’ve done it before.
  • How do I know I’m getting the best price?
    We do the comparison shopping for you. Let us speak the language with printers and figure out which one has the best price for your particular project. We’ll make sure we are comparing apples-to-apples and use vendors we know and trust.
  • What quality should we expect?
    The very best quality is what we strive for with every print project. We work closely with our printers to make sure they understand what is needed and have all the tools necessary to make that happen.
  • How fast can printing be done?
    Usually as fast as you need it! Of course the price will probably reflect any rush that has to happen on the printer’s end, but if you need it fast they will gladly print it fast for you.
  • Do I get to see a proof?
    Always! We will never send anything to print unless we have your explicit sign-off and approval to print.
  • How do you choose which printers to use?
    We love to match the right printer with the right job. Most often the best price will come from a company with the right equipment for the job. So, we start with getting quotes from those printers who have the right equipment for your job.
  • Do you use online or local vendors?
    Both! We love to use local companies whenever possible, but they’re not always the right fit for the job. In those cases, we can call on a variety of trusted online printers that we know can handle your job with ease.