What’s in a brand?

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Branding is a combination of elements that tell the story of your business. Your logo, the wording on your website and Facebook page, the look of your printed materials – those pieces work together to present who you are to the public. What does YOUR brand say?

Your Logo: The Face Of Your Brand

Your logo is a visual representation of your story, and should be instantly recognizable to potential clients. To create a logo that tells your story and sticks with potential clients, follow these cardinal rules:

  • Keep it simple and easy to remember!
  • Choose a strong silhouette that works well in color or black and white.
  • Put it everywhere. From office stationary and new business cards, to your Facebook profile image. Make sure it is associated with your brand at every opportunity.

Your Story: The Message Of Your Brand

Your message is your promise to your customer. Take an in-depth look at your company’s values, qualities, and what you offer to potential clients and pare it down to a clear, concise message.

  • Develop a one-line pitch of what you offer.
  • Get an objective opinion. Make sure your message is clear.
  • Make it consistent. From your website and social media pages, to your printed materials and elevator pitch. A consistent message is memorable and effective.

Your Audience: Connect People To Your Brand

There are many ways to identify your target market, and even more avenues for reaching them. One of our favorite ways to promote a brand is to connect with local organizations that share your target audience. Put your advertising dollars to work while supporting the organizations your prospective clients support!

  • Identify your target audience.
  • Consider what organization you might partner with to offer support.
  • Get involved. Ask how you can be a presence at an event to connect with your market in person.