A fun teacher gift

In Richard Creative by Danielle Richard

With both kids in school this year, it seemed logical to branch out and send Christmas gifts for some of their enrichment teachers and other staff besides just their main classroom teacher. The first grader had large plans to choose the perfect gift for each one — an expensive flute-shaped lamp for the music teacher, a book for the librarian, and so on. I knew convincing him that we needed to think “small” and “budget friendly” would be a challenge. So I enlisted his help to draw a little alligator – the school’s mascot for use on some sticky notes. We ordered a bunch, then packaged three little pads together for every counselor, principal, and enrichment teacher. Kiddo was thrilled to see his artwork in print, and the teachers didn’t seem to mind either 🙂

I’d be glad to help with a similar design for any upcoming events requiring a nice little gift of appreciation! (I’m thinking end-of-year gifts or thank-you’s)