Avoiding the dreaded Lost & Found bin

In cool stuff, Richard Creative by Danielle Richard

I happen to have a personal problem with writing my child’s name in their coat with permanent marker. It ruins the garment for hand-me-down use. Yet, it is SO important to make sure their name is on there somewhere — kids are just forgetful — it’s a fact of life. And I’ve seen the Lost & Found bin at our elementary school. It’s STUFFED to the brim with poor, lonely, unidentified coats and hoodies. So, a few years back I discovered an easy solution in personalized ribbon like you can order here. In about 5 seconds, I can easily tie a length of ribbon to the inside of any coat or jacket and it’s ready to go.


I’ve found countless other uses for this handy identifier, like this cute little puppy collar for show-and-tell day.IMG_9246

What else could you label with personalized ribbon? The possibilities are just endless!