Christmas Card display

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Every year our family’s Christmas Card list grows and grows. You see, I’m a little OCD about always adding the names of people who have sent us a holiday card, and am very bad at removing names from the list. So I keep getting more, and keep sending more, and I love every bit of it. Over the years I’ve had to change up how I display all the cards we receive, and this year I think I’ve finally found a keeper!

Go to and enter the search terms “ikea christmas tree fabric” and you can see tons of amazing ideas on how to use this 2-yard length of fabric. When I spotted this on sale at Ikea last year I couldn’t resist. A rod pocket, hemmed edges, several dozen buttons and some ornament hangers later we were in business.

The kids got in on the fun too, and made their own cards to hang upon the tree. They were also in charge of searching out just the right spot to hang new cards as the postman delivered them. Hank even created a beautiful paper star to sit atop the tree. What good helpers!
Christmas Card Display IMG_2745 IMG_2746 IMG_2748 IMG_2751