Fades beautifully with love and use

In Calendar Towel by admin

It took quite a lot of convincing myself to go ahead and wash and use my 2013 calendar towel. It’s not yet 2014 yet, you see, and technically I’m supposed to leave the 2013 one up until the year changes over. I justified it by leaving one calendar up for display, and washing an extra I had on hand. I know it’s crazy, but in my head there are really good reasons for all these rules, and it just didn’t FEEL right, you know?

In the end, I’m glad I was able to convince myself to give it a washing. This one went through the washer and dryer several times and it gets more faded and lovely each time. Is it weird to love a faded, well-worn item?

2013 Calendar TowelYou can see how the original one looks sharp and pressed and clean against this soft, wrinkled version. I think I may start listing that as a selling feature “This calendar towel fades beautifully with love and use.”IMG_1875