Gator Gear Mobile Store

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I serve on the PTA board at AC Steere where Hank is in Kindergarten and I just love it when I get to volunteer for fun projects like this one.

The problem?

Our “Gator Gear” was in storage and hard to manage. We also had no way of easily displaying all of our inventory for sale. And finally, we REALLY needed to have a big Spring Clearance sale to clean things out for next year.

The solution?

One of my favorite local stores. JH&A Store Fixtures on Line Avenue has an impressive selection of TONS of different retail and display storage solutions. We bought and assembled this little gem and were able to fit almost our entire inventory on there. See how all the prices are clearly marked?

The best news?

It’s on WHEELS! So anyone can easily roll it to wherever people will be on campus. No more dragging out tons of folding tables and heavy boxes!

IMG_3666 IMG_3665 IMG_3663