Gift Kit Sewing Instructions

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This kit provides a simple way to create a handmade gift that’s beautiful, useful and unique – in about 15 minutes! All you will need are basic sewing skills and a couple of easy to find items.kit includes


STEP 1: Clip the corners

01 clip corners 2
Trim any excess white (unprinted) fabric from around the edges. You’ll be left with a 13.5 x 21.75” printed calendar.
Cut both bottom corners at a 45º angle as shown.
STEP 2: Hem sides and bottom

02a press bottom 1
Use the printed border as a guide for turning and pressing each long side under about 3/4”

02b press bottom 2
Fold raw edge under again halfway so that the raw edge just meets up with your original pressed fold. Pin in place every few inches. Stitch along both sides with a coordinating thread color about 1/4” from edge.

02c hem bottom
Follow the same instructions for hemming the bottom edge. Press fabric under at 3/4”, press under again to meet up with fold. Stitch along the bottom edge at 1/4”.
STEP 3: Sew the top pocket

03a press top pocket
Use the printed border as a guide for turning and pressing the top edge under about 1/4”.

03b hem top poccket
Use the printed border as a guide for turning and pinning the top pocket to measure about 1”. DO NOT PRESS THIS EDGE. Just fold in place with your fingers and pin in place. If this edge is pressed sharply, then your towel won’t hang as nicely once you insert the wooden dowel.

Stitch along the top at 7/8” to create the dowel pocket.
STEP 4: Prepare for hanging

04a IMG_1912
Insert the 12” wooden dowel in the top pocket.

04b IMG_1915

Attach the end of the ribbon on each side using a push pin.
STEP 5: Enjoy!

05 IMG_1942
Now your calendar towel is ready to roll up, sign the enclosure card, and insert it all into your pretty paper box. You can tie a ribbon around it and deliver in person or tape both ends and slip it into the mailbox (USPS starts around $2 for First Class).

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