Hilburn Printing Revamp

In Client Spotlight by erin

Nestled in the heart of Broadmoor, Hilburn Printing is truly a “neighborhood” print shop, and their customer service and superior products have made them a go-to local resource for everything from signage to wedding invitations. They recently realized the need for their website to catch up to their growth, and Richard Creative had the privilege of retooling hilburnprinting.com to get it up to speed.

We restructured and streamlined the site to create a more efficient flow, and make it easy for customers to find the answers and products they are searching for. Now that the website operating at it’s full potential, we’ve partnered with Hilburn to create a series of blog posts to showcase their new and most popular products, and serve as a resource for event ideas, branded merchandise, and much more. We are excited to help Hilburn take the next step in serving their community as the resident neighborhood print shop.

Christy Edmunds Hilburn Richard CreativeOne more thing…..Congratulations to Christy Edmunds on 18 years with Hilburn Printing!