Introducing: Allen Realty SB

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Earlier this year, Leighton Allen decided to make a big change. Working in the local real estate industry for 8 years, he felt a disconnect between the traditional “realtor” perspective and his own values – honesty, quality service, and personal relationships. He decided that it was time to rebrand his company to reflect those values, starting with a name change – Allen Realty, SB. By giving his name to the business, he staked his personal reputation on each client’s experience. This carefully considered ethic is apparent at every level of his company, and reflected in the branding we created together.

Allen-Realty-SB-Logo-your-partnersWe started, of course, with the logo. Leighton wanted something clean, modern, memorable, and approachable.

From there, we went on to create his website; following the same guidelines as his logo, this clean, bright website reflects the values and priorities that Leighton built his business on. Full of helpful information and resources, each element was thoughtfully crafted to provide visitors with a good look at who Allen Realty is and what they bring to the market.
website screenshot

As we continue to work together, we’ll be building valuable content, orchestrating marketing efforts, planning and coordinating events together, and building a community based on the values that brought us together. We are proud to introduce Allen Realty, and we are looking forward to watching them grow.