Project Spotlight: North End Design Co.

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We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – we love helping new businesses create the look and message that will speak for their company!

North End Design Co., owned and operated by Jeremy and Candice DeLoach, is a local construction and design company, and we are big fans of their work. From the smallest remodeling project to building a custom home, Jeremy and Candice put their heart into every project. “We are passionate about family, and that passion led to designing homes that families will thrive in – homes that are functional, beautiful, and timeless. We love taking on something old and worn, and breathing fresh life into a place with years of history and stories.

The name “North End” is a nod to the couple’s first years together in Idaho, where Candice grew up. North End Design brings together the best of the Northwest and the South; the fresh, clean colors and dynamic architecture of the mountains and rivers of the Northwest, and the comfort and style of vintage farmhouse and homey front porch aesthetics.

We wanted to reflect that beautiful mixture of styles in North End Design’s logo, website, and branding materials – starting with the logo. Lauren created the logo, which was a perfect reflection of the modern/vintage look Candice and Jeremy incorporate into their designs.

We then moved on to the website – here is what Jescee, the designer for the website, had to say:

“Candice and Jeremy envisioned a clean look for the website. I used light blue and grey hues throughout the site, accentuated by dark blue headers. I also incorporated images of wood as the background of some pages, to add a rustic element.”

Jescee partnered with Kayleigh, our client manager and writer for this project, to develop the inspiration, colors, and verbiage for the site, which is very story-driven. Jeremy and Candice bring their passion and heart to their projects, and we endeavored to let that drive the content and look of the website.

Once we finalized the logo and the website, we created business cards, yard signs, and other branding elements for North End Design, to fully equip Candice and Jeremy to promote their business with cohesive, professionally executed elements.

Visit, and let us know what you think!