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Website Design in a Nutshell

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We excel at creating engaging, easy to navigate websites that produce results for the business they represent. These custom sites are also user-friendly, often eliminating the need for a web expert on the payroll or speed dial. Along with meeting the immediate needs of customers, Richard Creative is investing in the growth and success of each client, by offering training and resources to help clients utilize the tools we create for their business.

To help people better understand just what kind of website and working relationship to expect, we’ve compiled a few of our most-often-asked questions here and explain our answers in plain English.


  1. How long will it take to complete my new website?
    Every project is different, but we typically turn websites around in 6-8 weeks, once we have all of the information needed from the client.
  2. What is a mobile-friendly website, and why do I need one?
    Over 70% of people visit a website for the first time – often, the only time – on their mobile device. If your website is responsive and mobile-friendly, it will automatically resize to their phone or tablet. If it is not mobile-friendly, it will size for a desktop computer, which will be in TINY fonts and impossible to navigate on a phone or tablet.
    On most search engines, websites are categorized as “mobile-friendly” or not, which encourages viewers to select the website – and business – that will be easy to use. Make sure your website is user-friendly and at the top of the search engine list!
  3. Can a regular person really manage and add their own blog posts?
    Absolutely! We always say that if you can send an email, you can add a blog post. And we will give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to manage your site, along with reference materials to jog your memory.
  4. What will you use to build my website?
    We are big fans of the WordPress platform. It covers a wide range of needs, from those of the smallest start-ups to international corporations. Stylish and functional, WordPress websites are user-friendly, easy to navigate, and are incredibly easy to expand down the road as your business grows.
  5. What about hosting?
    We will handle purchasing the right plan for you, and simply pass along the charges at-cost.
  6. And domain names?
    If you don’t already own your domain name, we will help you find the perfect domain name for your website, and we’ll handle the purchase for you at-cost.
  7. Speaking of cost…
    We have created 3 specially designed packages to meet various levels of marketing and web design needs. Each package can be customized to suit your business – this is just a starting point.
  8. Are there any other costs associated with my website?
    You will pay an annual fee for your hosting and domain name, and fees typically stay under $100 per year for the average website. We help coordinate this purchase and simply pass on the expense to you at-cost if you don’t already own your domain and hosting.
  9. How does payment work?
    We typically take a 50% deposit upfront, and the remaining 50% upon launch of your new website.
  10. What’s the best way to communicate?
    To send requests and feedback on your project we like to email back and forth to document the process and be as specific as possible. However, if there’s a pressing need for an answer we are always available via text or phone call. Also, just to give you fair warning, we tend to respond to emails at odd hours when it’s convenient for us, but we never expect clients to return messages until it is convenient for them.
  11. Will I get to see a proof of my website?
    Absolutely. We like to set up a “development” website away from public eyes somewhere like www.yourproject.Richard-Creative.com. That way we can both collaborate and get feedback to get it looking “just right” before it launches for all to see on your regular domain name.

We guarantee personal service, creative solutions and practical results, and our goal is always to bring out the best in your business.