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If you’ve ever been frustrated by the systems that govern our lives, then this is the book for you. Danielle Richard is a mother, owner of Richard Creative and engaged American citizen whose research into why we do things the way we do led her to the conclusion that many of our broken systems can and should be reimagined into systems that directly and effectively benefit the health and well-being of the people they serve. Join Danielle as she takes on public education, democratic government, the justice system and even daily traffic to determine how we as a human community can take action together to stop supporting harmful systems and start ushering in the Humane Era.

Includes Reference section to be copied and shared with other system redesigners. Illustrations and defi nitions explain the Humane Era concept, and a source list provides a jumping off point to learn more. A Collaboration Card is also provided so that you and other community members can start the process of making any system more humane.

Available for purchase as paperback or hardcover or ePub at, and locally available in Shreveport at The Agora Borealis.

Visit the System Redesign website for downloads and more information.

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