Project Spotlight: Brittany Shepherd Realty Listing Website

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Brittany Shepherd, a local realtor who is taking the market by storm, recently came to us with a special project in mind. She recently acquired a new listing, and she knew that she needed to take the marketing for this property to the next level.

A beautiful ranch in Elm Grove, Louisiana, this property is BIG, and there are many special features to highlight and show off.

We partnered with Brittany to build a custom website that perfectly suited her client’s needs. Each page was designed to bring out the best in this lovely property, with information and photos strategically laid out to make “virtually visiting” the listing easy.

And the website was designed with an added bonus in mind – when Brittany is ready to launch the full version of her own website, we can simply add pages and new content to this site, instead of starting from scratch. This will make the launch of her fully-formed website much quicker and more cost-effective!

We really enjoyed partnering with Brittany on this special project, and we look forward to expanding the website to encompass more of her listings!

Take a look at the site here!