We love partnering with artists to create unique websites that showcase their work, and one of our favorite recent projects is the website for Rachel Stuart-Haas. Rachel is a Shreveport native whose ethereal, haunting paintings have been showcased all over the country. Rachel came to Richard Creative because she was launching a new branch of her business, and she needed a website that worked for both her art and her world-renowned astrology readings.

After meeting with Rachel to determine her needs, her target market, and her ideas for the look and content, we put our designer Jescee on the project. She embraced the opportunity to create a stylized, modern design that complements Rachel’s aesthetic. Jescee said, “I was very inspired by Rachel’s art – it is absolutely stunning! I put an emphasis on the differences between the two focuses; on the astrology part of the website, I was inspired by the concept of a very dark backdrop with white dots, imitating a starry background. Overall, I focused on achieving a clean straight-lined, modern design, and it was a great fit for her work.”

Rachel loved the end result, and we are excited to see her dual pursuits develop and flourish. To see our work and Rachel’s, visit the website!



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